Background to CLIL-CD

This website results from a project run within the ECML's (European Centre for Modern Languages) Empowering Language Professionals programme entitled "Curriculum development for content and language integrated learning".

Abstract of the project

This project focuses on curriculum development for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). CLIL curricula - whether designed for initial/in-service teacher training, or for learners at any educational level - need to be complementary. In an integrated approach, what the student learns depends on teacher CLIL competence; and this professional competence must be based on student needs. For this reason the project team proposes the development of a teacher training curriculum for CLIL that may be linked to learners' curricula.

To date this has not been appropriately achieved for a European context. Many schools and teachers involved with CLIL still operate individually without a sufficient macro framework. Fully-fledged teacher training programmes for CLIL exist only in a few countries; learner-focussed curricula are equally rare. Thus, quality transferable European curricula are now in great demand. It is not advisable to attempt to create identical curricula for diverse combinations of languages and content subjects, for all the member states of the Council of Europe. This project therefore aims to design adaptable curricular models, suitable for both FL and content teachers, which include all the fundamental CLIL components for local implementation in teacher training. These will be the major outcomes for dissemination and application through workshops and a network meeting.

The project team

Maria Jesús Frigols-Martin: Coordinator
Consellería de Educación de la Generalitat Valenciana

Dieter Wolff

Dieter Wolff
Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Peeter Mehisto

Peeter Mehisto
David Marsh David Marsh
University of Jyväskylä

The CLIL-CD publication and website result from the work of an international network established within one of the ECML projects. We would like to thank all who worked on CLIL-CD, in particular the project coordination team for their motivation and active involvement.


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